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    Dropbox transfer limits and other notes.


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    Dropbox transfer limits and other notes. Empty Dropbox transfer limits and other notes.

    Post  Kendall on Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:03 pm

    Hey man,

    Just in case you haven't got the gory details from them yet. Dropbox caps data transfer at 10GB per month. As you've found out it's really not ideal for hosting .iso images. You can usually host a bit through a standard web hosting provider, just make sure and let them know that you'll be having very large amounts of data going through the pipe. You can almost always host torrents via standard web hosting just make sure you have some people who are seeding around the clock.

    With Peppermint we started with both hosted .iso images and torrents. The torrents are all community hosted and we try to link to them off of the main site. Due to the rush of popularity we had almost immediately after release our web hosting provider cut us off and we had to seek sponsored hosting. If you approach some hosting companies you might be surprised at their reaction. It always looks good to support an open source project or two.

    Another option is to contact existing mirrors. Go through the list of mirrors for Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Arch, Fedora, etc and you'll likely get a couple of them to pick you up.

    Glad you like my work well enough to spin a new distro off of it. Very Happy

    Kendall Weaver

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    Dropbox transfer limits and other notes. Empty Re: Dropbox transfer limits and other notes.

    Post  Moose on Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:44 pm

    Yeah, found that out. Thanks. I got some hosting from, so I'm good on that part. I am actually pretty sure I'm going to take the Distro in a totally different direction and go all out minimal, so I'm going to have to contact everything with the changes and stuff. I never really wanted to have a 2 gigabyte plus distro, so I'm not going to.

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